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The central bank on May 12th night announcement says, from May

2012/8/12      view:

  The central bank on May 12th night announcement says, from May 18, 2012 onwards, the lower the deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points. The message will give what impact? The author combed experts and the industry's main viewpoints, readers.

  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance, financial development and financial institution research director Yi Xianrong said, this once again lowered the deposit reserve ratio means that monetary policy will remain moderate liberal, A shares on the market is a positive.

  China well-known economist Wahson says, this decline this year for the second cut, the cut is also the market expected, the main purpose is to deal with the current economic malaise and economic growth is too slow, when asked about the message on the stock index this week trend influence, Wahson said, such a loose monetary policy on the stock index is definitely good news the.

  China University of Political Science and Law Capital Research Center Director Liu Jipeng said, the SFC chairman Guo Shuqing to boost the stock market a series of new ideas in the background, at least from now until the end of the year, the central bank and the securities and Futures Commission into the " honeymoon period, will love " to revitalize the stock market to develop direct financing. The deposit reserve rate cut three times in the second half of the year is possible.

  However, economists, financial commentator Ma Guangyuan said, the Central Bank of the cut the deposit reserve ratio is over before a rectification of monetary policy. This cut the deposit rate for the entity economy, the impact on the stock market is almost zero, the psychological impact of some more and more.

  On the stock market effects of specific sectors, the Great Wall securities research director to ICP said, lowering the deposit reserve ratio, the bank stock, real estate shares and cyclical stocks and the market should be able to get a boost. But the poor economic data, the market therefore continued to rise is unlikely. The market will continue to shock the relatively long period of time.

  British Institute of securities Li Daxiao said, the central bank reduced to major policies, is conducive to the stability of the stock market.