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The launch of Google knowledge map search mode have big change

2012/8/17      view:

  Microsoft will be announced big after correcting, Google also unwilling to remain out of the limelight. Yesterday Google in its official blog announced the new search function of knowledge map ( Knowledge Graph ). Google in the search on the right side of the page adds greater length of the more specific search results, changed the previous text-based search result presentation style, may be Google search line since the most significant a change.

  Google's previous search method in the main text, the default display ten search terms, although containing links, pictures and page preview and other elements, but still requires the user to read the page to judge. The new line of knowledge map is a more intuitive content, it is integrated in the search page to the right column, can provide users with maps, Wikipedia entries and other various knowledge.

  Knowledge mapping will undoubtedly bring great convenience. For example, users search for " Taj Mahal " ( Taj Mahal) when, Google map will show you a map of Taj Mahal location, Wikipedia presents, building knowledge ( height, opening time, designers ), and Taj Mahal will give the eponymous character and the casino and other information, in contrast to the original text-based search result presentation means, greatly enhance the user experience.

  Knowledge mapping are behind the strong support of knowledge base. Google acquired Metaweb in 2010, which is a focus in the research of information between how to contact each other company, can provide ultimate than words of more efficient search algorithm. Google uses Metaweb technology, Freebase, Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook and other public resources and its own search information as database, knowledge map can cover all aspects of.

  Google knowledge library this week in the United States will be in the area on the line, but in the early days of only support english. But Google has been an advancing quickly company, believe that this innovation will soon spread worldwide, we rub one's eyes and wait.