Modern and memorable, this range of music for apps and video games creates just the right ambience. From suspenseful tones for crucial moments in puzzles and games of skill to bright and cheerful music for celebratory moments when a new level is reached, you can find everything here to amplify the emotions associated with a handy app or an exciting RPG.
100% copyright free tracks at affordable prices, no pros, no hidden fees. Use the music unlimited times in unlimited projects.

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The Jungle Lab

Acoustic composition with ethnic percussion. Great for video games.


Black Mountains

Epic orchestral track with powerful choir. Good choice for battles.


Burned Wheels

Energetic metal tune with electronic sounds. Ideal for racing games!


Little Nicholas

Funny, upbeat tune with clarinet and soft bells. Perfect for children's apps.



Powerful, dynamic work with intense orchestra, synths and percussion.


Celtic Spirit

Emotional Celtic score with acoustic instruments great for medieval video games.


Funny Kids

Happy, upbeat tune for kids that creates a cheerful, playful ambience.



Explosive mixture with vintage sounds and distorted guitars.


Green Jungle

Jungle tune with acoustic and ethnic instruments, mallets and drums.


Funny World

Funny short track in loop. Good choice for menus, intros or credits.


Introspective Demon

Epic score with mixed choir, tubular bells and orchestra. For suspense moments.


An Epic Adventure

Dynamic composition that creates a playful ambience ideal for pirates!.


Funny Party

Funny, cheerful tune that conveys vitality, wellness and happiness.


Ready to Go

Electronic track in loop with distorted guitars. For menus and credits.


Dirty Deals

Epic filmscore that creates a menacing mood. Great for suspense and battles.

12 elegant, modern and stylish tracks: electronic instrumentals, chillout and lounge, ambient and corporate tracks. For fashion shows, advertising, corporate presentations, YouTube videos, catwalks or runways.
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