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Top 10 Epic Music for Videos

Looking for stunning music for your next video? Discover our Top Ten Royalty Free Epic Tracks. An awesome collection from powerful, mighty and dynamic strings to imposing, heroic choirs and grandiose orchestral scores: pulsing textures, electronic atmospheres and energetic percussion.

Music Packs and Collections

Browse our catalog and find awesome packs and collections. Buy in bulk and save money.
Packs are the best solution for frequent needs: Inspiring Pianos, Corporate Pack, Relaxing Moments, Ethnic World, Sad Instrumentals, Upbeat Jazz, Epic Strings, Uplifting Chillout, Magical World, Funny Songs, Cinematic Pop, Comedy Pack...Discover all!

Top 10 Music for Wedding Videos

Looking for romantic music for your wedding video? Discover our Top Ten Romantic Royalty Free Tracks. An awesome collection from inspiring, delicate and emotive pianos to elegant, warm guitars and soft orchestral textures. Enhance your videos with sweet, sentimental love songs and find the best track for your special day.

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• Happy and Positive     • Dreamy and Magical     • Epic and Powerful     • Sad and Nostalgic     • Romantic and Sentimental     • Relaxing and Wellness     • Sophisticated