Wistful and haunting, Celtic music will instantly conjure up visual images of mythological landscapes and legendary heroes. Traditional instruments and rippling melodies create romance, longing and an ethereal atmosphere. This genre of music tugs at the heartstrings, making it the ideal accompaniment to any setting that is filled with love and romance.
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Ancient Forest

Magical Celtic work with beautiful strings and flute. Great for documentaries.


Far Land

Happy, positive song with acoustic instruments that conveys wellness.


Celtic Spirit

Relaxing composition full of magic and fantasy. Ideal for films and videos.


Rosa Rosae

Medieval composition with acoustic guitars, harp, strings and flutes.

Comedy Pack Collection

Three inspiring, funny, whimsical royalty free compositions with acoustic instruments full of joy, sarcasm and elegance. Good choice for comedy scenes, commercials, cinematic projects and advertising.

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Magical World Collection

Three magical, dreamy and uplifting compositions full of fantasy, elegance and emotion. Perfect accompaniment to breathtaking images, cinematic projects, television programming and Christmas.

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