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After You

Dramatic film score with emotional orchestra and percussion.


Everyone has a Story

Romantic composition featuring acoustic piano and female voice.



Inspiring track with male voice, percussion and children's choir.


The Room

Powerful, epic soundtrack with mixed choir, synths and orchestra.


19 Ways to Travel Around the World

Ethnic cinematic score full of life and energy.


Sweet Dreams

Magical, inspiring score that creates a relaxing, emotive mood.


White City, Black City

Dynamic cinematic pop with electric guitars and powerful drums.


Ancient Forest

Evocative, charming fairytale full of fantasy and imagination.



Relaxing work with piano and harp. Good choice for music bed and shorts.


Lady Bottle's Waltz

Comedy track with ethnic and acoustic instruments. Ideal for a comic scene.


Lonely Heart

Minimalistic soundtrack with orchestra. Good choice for movies.


Prepared for All Things

Powerful score track with orchestra, soprano and children's choir.



Romantic piano, uplifting and emotional. For drama and romance.


Crossing the Line

Powerful track with synths and distorted guitars. Dark, grunge.



Epic work perfect for trailers and films. With synths and drums.


Mother Earth

Soft and relaxing. Great for meditations, films and documentaries.


The First Light

Magical soundtrack with dreamy bells, children's choir and smooth strings.


Just a Place

Dynamic work with violin and piano. Passionate, elegant and full of life.



Good choice for a comic scene. With pizz, clarinet, oboe and glockenspiel.


Flying Soul

Dramatic film score, sentimental and emotive. Ideal for shorts.

Introspective Demon

Epic score with orchestra and choir. Perfect for trailers and video games.



Relaxing royalty free track perfect for ad and cinematic projects.


A New World

Moving and inspirational cinematic piece. Sounds dreamy and passionate.



Melancholic composition with strings and a dramatic atmosphere.

This music pack includes 12 audio logos, intros and transitions: pop instrumentals, jazz, chillout and lounge, electronic and corporate tracks.
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