Professional Custom Music Services


Original Musical Composition

Enjoy exclusive, professional, and customized musical composition services for films, video games, adverts, TV, business and more. We cover the whole process, from composition to delivering the final master.

Over the span of just two years, our tracks have been used by more than 1,800 clients from all over the world. Renowned companies and organizations, such as Volvo, Orange, and Unilever, as well as a host of other famous brands, have relied on our services to produce highly acclaimed musical compositions.


We Offer

• 100% original composition tailored exclusively to your project

• Mixing, mastering, equalization and compression

• Fast turnaround

• 1 free revision

• 2 file formats to suit most projects: 16-24 bit/44.1 kHz Stereo WAV and MP3 320 kbps files. Alternative formats are also available upon request.

Custom Music Services


Original Soundtrack

Enjoy original and immersive music with flawless image synchronization and premium sound libraries.
Perfect for movies, short films and documentaries.


Music for Video Games

Keep the gamers on the edge of their seats with engaging original music, character customization and premium sound libraries.
Perfect for amateur and professional Video Games, Software and Apps.


Corporate Music for Business

Use our captivating original music with premium sound libraries and image synchronization to appeal to your audience.
Corporate videos, adverts, promos, presentations and spots.


Trailers and Intros

Avail yourself of our mesmeric, original, and utterly thrilling custom music with exceptional sound libraries and seamless image synchronization.
Perfect for movie trailers, presentations and intros.


Original Logos and Idents

Increase brand awareness with unique and appealing custom-made music with flawless image synchronization and premium sound libraries.
Perfect for brands, corporate videos, logos, adverts, business and marketing.


Bumpers and Transitions

Take advantage of this service to enjoy riveting music with flawless image synchronization and premium sound libraries, made specifically for you.
Original and professional transitions, bumpers and stingers for TV, corporate videos or radio.

Find the perfect track for your project