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Looking at the Stars

Magical score with orchestra and choir. Well suited for Christmas.


The Haunted Castle

Beautiful work that combines orchestral instruments and choir.


Far Land

Inspiring instrumental, featuring ethnic flutes, soft harp and guitar.


A Wonderful Story

Fascinating instrumental that creates a magical mood. Great for kids.


Ancient Forest

Mystical Celtic score with strings and delicate acoustic instruments.


Reflections in the Mirror

Dreamy soundtrack with orchestra and synthesizers.


Sweet Dreams

Inspiring composition that creates a relaxing, magical ambience.


Unexpected Directions

Powerful score with dynamic strings, beautiful voice and deep brass.



Beautiful composition featuring female voice, violin and percussion.



Relaxing ambient score featuring ethnic flute, percussion and soft pads.


Lunar Calendar

Emotional theme featuring epic drums, flutes and female voice.


The First Light

Ethereal neo-classical score with soft children's choir and strings.


Good Night Moon, Good Night Stars

Smooth lullaby with music box. Ideal for kids.


A New World

Cinematic composition eminently suitable for trailers and movies.


Midnight Dance

Magical score perfect for Celtic videos and cinematic projects.


The Hidden Door

Dreamy, magical instrumental full of mystery and imagination.


Age of Challenges

Creative soundtrack that combines powerful brass and elegant quiet violin.


Celtic Spirit

Heartening Celtic work perfect for classic films and documentaries.



Uplifting score with piano solo. Sounds elegant and passionate.


Rosa Rosae

Beautiful Celtic instrumental, featuring relaxing flutes and guitar.

This music pack includes 12 emotional, inspiring and epic tracks: Hollywood scores, delicate pianos, rhythmic strings and imposing choirs.
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