Imposing soundtracks for action, battle and war sequences. Hollywood-style scores that create a triumph, achievement feeling.
Great for powerful scenes, trailers, promos or advertising.
Pay once, use forever. High quality royalty free music tracks at affordable prices.
100% copyright free, no pros, no hidden fees. Use the music unlimited times in unlimited projects.

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Crossing the Universe

Minimalist classical composition featuring bouncy, dynamic strings.


White City, Black City

Original track that combines synths and acoustic instruments.


The One

Imposing score featuring epic drums, rhythmic strings and male choir.


A Thousand Years

This stunning work is a good choice for trailers and cinematic projects.


An Epic Adventure

Playful, energetic score with an imposing symphonic orchestra


The Awakening

Beautiful minimalist work. Great for movies, documentaries and trailers.


Orange Button

Energetic track with synths and guitars that creates a strained ambience.


Black Mountains

Powerful track with orchestra, well suited for films and video games.



Epic composition with orchestra, synths and great percussion.


Prepared for All Things

Stunning track that combines epic and emotional sections.


Introspective Demon

Dark, bleak ambience featuring tubular bells and mixed choir.


Crossing the Line

Rhythmic work that creates a dark atmosphere great for thrillers!


Age of Challenges

Beautiful composition with powerful sections and relaxing moments.


Forgotten Children

Creative orchestral score with imposing strings and deep brass.


Eagle Eye

Dynamic piece with acoustic piano, vintage and electric guitars.


Outdated Time

Elegant track for strings that creates an emotional, sentimental mood.


False Flag

Expresive score with great brass section and rhythmic strings.



Epic cinematic score with powerful strings and stunning brass.


Building Dreams

Magical soundtrack with orchestra. Great for animation and fantasy.



Powerful hybrid composition with mixed choir, synths and orchestra.


The Room

Powerful, epic soundtrack with mixed choir, synths and orchestra.



Powerful epic score with mixed choir, synths and percussion.

This music pack includes 12 emotional, inspiring and epic tracks: Hollywood scores, delicate pianos, rhythmic strings and imposing choirs.
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