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The Beginning

Romantic composition with acoustic piano solo. Sounds passionate, sweet and emotional.


Little Changes

Motivational, uplifting score with acoustic piano solo that creates a highly positive ambience.


A Long Walk

Relaxing, romantic composition with acoustic solo piano. Sounds serene and emotional.


They Say

Modern piano composition, dynamic and emotional. Eminently suitable for romantic moments.



Sophisticated electronic lounge track with synths, percussion. Great as background music.



Magical score with soft bells. This elegant composition is perfect for fantasy themes.



Relaxing chill out track featuring an emotional acoustic guitar, soft pads and melodic keyboard.


Electro Logo

Modern electronic logo with synths and percussion. Good choice for intros and transitions.


A New Day

Motivational pop tune with acoustic guitar, bells, drums and pads. Spreads optimism and energy.


Rainy Day

Dynamic world track with acoustic instruments and ethnic flute. Good choice holidays.



Powerful creative commons score with imposing drums, synthesizers and strings.



Romantic instrumental with a beautiful acoustic piano and soft strings. Delicate and magical.



Relaxing creative commons composition with an elegant, emotional acoustic piano solo.


Cross Country

Epic cinematic score with powerful brass section and dynamic strings. Great for trailers!


Memories of Delhi

Romantic, emotional music composition that combines a delicate acoustic piano and underlying strings.


Between the Fog

Creepy score with acoustic guitar, strings, brass and powerful timpani. Great for Halloween!



Funny creative commons jazz tune with keyboard, bass clarinet, percussion and drums.


When the Eyes are Closed

Nostalgic composition that creates an emotional mood. Great for videos.


Two Figures

Emotional orchestral theme that spreads serenity, wellness and elegance.



Fantasy / sci-fy theme that combines acoustic and electronic instruments and synths.



Motivational, positive composition with acoustic piano, strings, xylophone and percussion.



Dark creative commons track with piano and orchestra; ideal for thrillers and Halloween videos!


The Mayan Princess

Original, magical film score that combines orchestral instruments and small acoustic percussion.


My Last Journey

Expressive piano theme that conveys sadness, solitude and emotion. Great for classic films.



Epic creative commons track featuring deep brass, pulsing percussion and dynamic strings.


Dark Night

Orchestral theme full of emotion and tenderness. Suitable for documentaries and classic films.


Sentimental Waltz

Inspiring classical composition with acoustic piano. Sounds romantic, sweet and emotional.


Something Else

Relaxing theme featuring acoustic guitar and strings. Eminently suitable for wedding videos.


Broken Cadence

Funny creative commons theme in jazz style with dynamic clarinet and cheerful piano.


Fresh Water

Bouncy instrumental in neo-classical genre. Sounds dynamic, passionate and full if life.


Deep Sea

Emotional, delicate instrumental with solo guitar full of sadness, passion and melancholy.



Imposing soundtrack with orchestra and tubular bells. Ideal for video games and battle scenes.



Sentimental, romantic composition with classical orchestra that combines slow and dynamic sections.



Delicate creative commons track with sweet strings and soft flute. Suitable for wedding videos.



Elegant piano score in contemporary genre with slow tempo. Ideal for meditations and yoga.



Delicate classical composition that conveys sadness and tenderness. For drama and romance.


Until the End of my Life

Soft creative commons track with an evocative acoustic piano. Perfect choice for weddings.


New Boogie

Funny, crazy boogie track for a small jazz band. Perfect choice for promos or advertising.


Rising Sun

Delicate orchestral score featuring serene harp, soft strings and silky flute. Great for drama.



Agitated, soundtrack for creative projects. Download this creative commons track for free.


To You

Serene composition that creates a romantic, sentimental mood. Ideal for wedding's videos.


Feelings Change, Memories Don't

Dramatic score with orchestra. Sounds emotional and passionate.



Motivational, uplifting composition that conveys happiness, wellness and good vibes.


Everything is Now

Sentimental creative commons composition that spreads nostalgia, sadness and emotion.


The Last One

Touching composition in neo-classical style; very effecttive for cinematic videos and shorts.


Mystic Land

Magical Celtic song with traditional instruments and harpsichord. Good choice for medieval video games.


Medieval Stories

Dreamy, inspiring Celtic instrumental that combines melodic harpsichord with rhythmic strings.


Antique Dream

Inspiring Celtic song with harpsichord and traditional instruments. Great for medieval video games.

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