Professional idents, intros and transitions. Creative and original audio logos perfect for brands and promos.
Intros for television programming, newscasts and corporate videos.
Pay once, use forever. High quality royalty free music tracks at affordable prices.
100% copyright free, no pros, no hidden fees. Use the music unlimited times in unlimited projects.

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Sophisticated opener with synthesizers and electronic percussion.



Elegant vocal intro that combines a beautiful female voice with synths.


Comedy Intro

Funny intro with accordion, mandolin and strings. Great for comedy videos.


Colours and Shapes

Playful acoustic opener with bass clarinet, percussion and rhythmic mallets.



Upbeat, cheerful intro with dynamic drums, acoustic and vintage guitars.


Tech Ident

Sophisticated electronic track. Ideal for corporate projects and videos.


Fantasy Intro

Magical, inspiring score with bells, orchestra and dreamy children's choir.


Funny Jazz

Carefree jazz tune with acoustic piano, bass clarinet and drums.


Soft Tech

Elegant ident with synthesizers and pads. Perfect for advertising.


Jazz Intro

Fresh jazz track featuring a catchy acoustic guitar. Great for commercials.


Soft Motion

Uplifing guitar, modern and distinctive jingle with acoustic instruments.


Sweet Project

Motivational soft pop well-suited for shows, lifestyle and branding.


Magical Intro

Athmospheric ident featuring with a sparkling piano, with smooth pads.


Dynamic Jazz

Fresh jazz track featuring a catchy clarinet. Great for commercials.


Lounge Intro

Sophisticated lounge intro with synths. Perfect for brands and promos.


Celtic Logo

Acoustic Celtic logo with traditional instruments. Ideal for intros.


Magical Intro 2

Magical intro with bells, orchestra and children's choir. Great for films.


Electronic Logo

Contemporary electronic logo with synths. Great for commercials.


Dramatic Intro

Dynamic orchestral intro. Good choice for films and documentaries.


Funny Kids

Happy, fresh tune for kids with acoustic instruments and percussion.


Soft Guitar

Soft, melodic guitar, perfect for a logo, intro, ident or transition.



Short audio clip featuring modern synthesizers and vocal effects.



Funny, cheerful intro with saxophone, brass, bass and rhtyhmic drums.



Original royalty free track in jazz style for commercials and advertising.

This music pack includes 12 audio logos, intros and transitions: pop instrumentals, jazz, chillout and lounge, electronic and corporate tracks.
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