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Get a professional video with these awesome royalty free tracks. Add background music to your timelapse video or landscape scene and enhance your project with these stunning soundtracks. Check out our Top Ten Music for Timelapse Videos: get inspired by minimalist strings, epic orchestral scores, floating guitars, emotional pianos, soft textures and delicate choirs.

Choosing the right music for your video production is not easy: mood, tempo, instruments, style, lenght,... The perfect track can be an uplifting chillout tune, a classical masterpiece, a powerful, epic cinematic score or a relaxing ambient.

This emotional collection from AudioNectar Library includes 10 tracks carefully selected in order to cover different styles, tempos and moods: from electronic to acoustic ambients.

Top 10 Music for Timelapse Videos

Crossing the Universe

Epic minimalist composition with rhythmic strings and powerful brass.
Ideal for timelapse videos and creative projects.

Enjoying the Moment

Cheerful chill track with electronic and acoustic instruments.
Perfect for heartening, passionate moments and timelapse videos.

A Thousand Years

Powerful, epic composition with strings, brass and bells, always in crescendo.
Good choice for timelapse, advertising and trailers.


Minimalist composition with acoustic solo piano.
This original and creative score is perfect for slideshows and media projects.

Good Times

Electronic track with synths and strings.
Great as background music for timelapse videos and YouTube projects.


Emotional score with acoustic piano, synths, strings and soft bells.
Creates a highly positive ambiance perfect for timelapse videos.

Ancient Forest

Inspiring celtic song, featuring soft strings and ethnic flute.
Ancient Forest is a beautiful composition great for timelapse videos.

About Life

Beautiful, elegant, delicate composition with emotional strings.
This great score spreads serenity, romance and elegance.


Relaxing work with acoustic piano and delicate harp.
Ideal for timelapse videos, cinematic projects and television programming.

The Awakening

Emotional epic composition with a powerful orchestra always in crescendo.
Good choice for television programming, trailers and timelapse videos.

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