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Beautiful Royalty Free Music for Wedding Videos

Find the Best Music for your Wedding Video

Looking for romantic music for your wedding video? Discover our Top Ten Romantic Royalty Free Tracks. An awesome collection from inspiring, delicate and emotive pianos to elegant, warm guitars and soft orchestral textures.
Choosing the right wedding video songs is not easy because every single wedding is different. The perfect song can be a cinematic instrumental with underlying strings, an uplifting chillout tune or a relaxing classical masterpiece.

Enhance your videos with sweet, romantic, sentimental love songs and find the best tune for your special day. If you are a wedding photographer or videographer (or the bride!) this selection is perfect for you.

Top 10 Wedding Music

A Beautiful Day

Romantic, uplifting piano score full of emotion, joy and beauty.
Great for wedding videos and emotional trailers.


Elegant chill tune featuring acoustic guitars and pulsing drums.
Good choice for romantic projects and elegant videos.

Always in my Heart

Romantic love song with violin, viola, acoustic piano and voice.
Perfect for trailers, relaxing videos and cinematic projects.

A Short Story

Elegant new age composition. Ambient feeling, dreamy mood.
Spreads serenity, beauty and romanticism.


Emotional score with acoustic piano and synths, uplifting and emotional.
Creates a highly positive ambiance perfect for weddings.

Walking Together

Inspiring love song, beautiful contemporary neo classical work.
Walking Together is a romantic composition great for classic films.


Sentimental composition with beautiful acoustic piano and soft strings.
This emotional song spreads serenity, romance and elegance.


Relaxing work with acoustic piano and delicate harp.
Ideal for romantic videos, cinematic projects and television programming.


Inspiring piano song full of emotion, beauty and serenity.
Innocence is a romantic composition that creates a relaxing ambience.

Sunrise, Sunset

Sentimental love song; a dreamy, delicate, elegant composition full of beauty.
Perfect for heartening, passionate moments and wedding videos.

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