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We offer two simple royalty free licensing options: Standard and Premium License.
Our licenses cover the majority of usage, are non-exclusive, for unlimited projects.
Just pay once, use forever.

Standard License
Use this license for unlimited projects, worldwide, in perpetuity. Non Broadcast purposes.
Premium License
Great for big projects: TV, films, radio, broadcast. Unlimited projects, worldwide, in perpetuity.

► ALL OUR MUSIC IS 100% ROYALTY FREE. No PROs, no hidden fees, no cue sheets. You'll never need to pay again to anyone for this music, nor to AudioNectar nor to any collecting society.

► LOW PRICES. Unique and original music at a very affordable price. You save 80% regarding custom music costs.

► PAY ONCE, USE FOREVER. Unlimited duration and Worldwide coverage, no matter how many times you are going to use the music in your project.

► NON-EXCLUSIVE LICENSE with synchronization right.

► JUST ORIGINAL MUSIC AND CLASSICAL MASTERPIECES. No copies, no covers, no copyright problems.

► PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED MUSIC. High quality sound with the best premium music libraries.

► YOU RECEIVE WAVE 16 BIT, 44,1 KHZ + MP3 320 KBPS + LICENSE AGREEMENT. Safe purchase and direct download. Easy process and music ready to use.

Compare our Royalty Free Music Licenses


Music Standard License grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the music or audio in unlimited applications and projects, but Broadcast use is NOT allowed. Use this license as many times as you need in as many projects, webs or videos as you need.

Examples of allowed uses:

Corporate videos and presentations, on hold music, in-store background music (stores, shops, pubs, clubs, gyms, spa). College, university and educational projects, background music for websites. Apps, audiobooks and software (up to 10,000 downloads), indie games, student films, online videos with monetization (YouTube, Vimeo,...), podcasts, dvd, web promos, social media, personal mobile ring-tone, synchronisation with an audiovisual.


Premium License grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the music or audio in unlimited applications and projects. Use this license as many times as you need. Broadcast use is allowed: you can use this license for films, TV, radio and online advertising.

Examples of allowed uses:

All Standard License uses. Regional and National TV and Radio Broadcasts with unlimited audience size. Talk shows, incidental, TV commercials, series and sitcoms, big budget Films, Internet TV Broadcasts. Live theatrical performances, corporate trade shows. Apps, software and video-games (unlimited copies or downloads). Physical Products like alarm clocks or toys.






From   $12
From   $89
    Unlimited duration, Worldwide coverageUse it forever in unlimited projects

    Personal videos, Educational projects Youtube videos, social media, websites

    Corporate Videos Poadcasts, product presentations, slideshows

    On Hold MusicFor big and small business

    In-Store MusicBackground music for stores, restaurants, spa, gyms, boutiques

    AdvertisingWeb Promos and advertising

    Theatre and ShowsProfessional theatre and live shows

    Video GamesApps, software, dvd and video games downloads. Up to 10,000 Unlimited
    Films, TV and Radio BroadcastBroadcast Advertising, National Radio, TV and Bradcast Films

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