Royalty Free Music Licenses

Licensing Made Easy

We offer two straightforward royalty free licensing options: Standard and Premium Licence.
Our licences cover a wide range of applications, are non-exclusive, and they can be used for an unlimited number of projects.
Only pay once. Enjoy forever.

Standard License
Use this licence for an unlimited number of projects, worldwide, in perpetuity. Non-broadcasting applications only.
Premium License
Great for big projects: TV, films, radio, broadcasting. Unlimited projects, worldwide, in perpetuity.

100% Royalty Free

No PROs, no hidden fees, no cue sheets. You'll never need to pay AudioNectar, a collecting society or anyone else again for this music.

Comprehensive Package

Enjoy 16-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV + 320 kbps MP3 + licence agreement (Standard or Premium License).

Low Prices

Original, brilliant and unique music at affordable prices. Save 80% on your music, when compared to custom music costs.

Pay Once, Use Forever

Unlimited display, broadcasting and distribution rights with worldwide coverage for any number of projects, in perpetuity.

Safe for YouTube

Our Royalty free music library is 100% safe for YouTube and Vimeo videos. Copyright clear and legal.

Direct Download

Straightforward process with music ready to use instantly. Secure payment and direct download.

Compare our Royalty Free Music Licenses


Standard Music Licence grants you non-exclusive and non-transferable permission to use the music or audio material for an unlimited number of applications and projects. Broadcasting NOT permitted. Use this licence as many times as you need and for as many projects, web pages or videos as you need.

Examples of permitted use:

•   Corporate videos and presentations, music on hold (MOH for customer service centres), in-store background music (for stores, shops, pubs, clubs, gyms, spas and wellness centres);
•   College, university and educational projects, whether on-site or online;
•   Apps, indie games, DVDs, audiobooks and software (up to 10,000 downloads);
•   Online videos with monetization (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), student films;
•   Podcasts, web promos, social media, personal mobile ring-tone;
•   Synchronisation with audio-visual material, background music for websites.


Premium License grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable permission to use the music or audio material for an unlimited number of applications and projects. Broadcasting is permitted.Use this licence for films, TV, radio and online advertising, for as long and as many times as you need.

Examples of permitted use:

•   ALL standard licence applications mentioned above;
•   Regional & national TV broadcasts and radio broadcasts with unlimited audience size;
•   Talk shows, TV adverts, series and sitcoms, big budget films, incidental music;
•   Internet TV broadcasts, apps, software and video-games (with unlimited copies and downloads);
•   Live theatrical performances, corporate trade shows;
•   Physical Products, such as alarm clocks or toys.






From   $12
From   $89
    Permanent Worldwide CoverageEnjoy in perpetuity for unlimited projects

    Personal and Educational Material YouTube videos, social media, websites

    Corporate Videos Podcasts, product presentations, slideshows

    Music on Hold (MOH)On-hold music for SMEs and large corporations

    In-Store MusicShop, spa, restaurant and boutique background music

    AdvertisingWeb Promos, logos, intros, idents and other advertising

    Theatre and ShowsProfessional productions, live theatre and public events

    Video GamesApps, software applications, DVDs and video games downloads Up to 10,000 Unlimited
    Films, TV and Radio BroadcastTV broadcasts and adverts, motion pictures and radio broadcasts

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