Original solo instrumental production music with acoustic piano solo. Selection of uplifting, delicate tracks full of emotion, beauty and inspiration.
Minimalist and contemporary scores perfect for videos, business or advertising.
Pay once, use forever. High quality royalty free music tracks at affordable prices.
100% copyright free, no pros, no hidden fees. Use the music unlimited times in unlimited projects.

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Uplifing dynamic score with solo piano. Sounds passionate and dreamy.



Minimalist composition inspired by a rainy day. Ethereal, magical.



Sentimental, catchy piece featuring a beautiful sparkling melody.



Romantic piano perfect for wedding videos and documentaries.


The Perfect Moment

Uplifting, fresh score for piano solo. Perfect for corporate projects.


Not Only Words

Minimalist, emotive track, contemporary neo classical work full of emotion.



Melancholic, romantic composition. Ideal for drama and romance.


A Beautiful Day

Motivational, uplifting score full of emotion, joy and beauty.


Castles in the Air

Dramatic piece for acoustic piano solo. Emotional, dreamy and delicate.


Walking Together

Inspiring piano track, beautiful contemporary neo classical work.



Romantic composition ideal for drama and romance. Perfect for films.



Romantic, dramatic piano perfect for cinematic projects and films.


First Steps

Relaxing piano score. Good choice for television and advertising.


Sunrise, Sunset

Romantic piano perfect for cinematic projects and documentaries.



Light is an emotional, relaxing score that creates a dreamy mood.



Ambient composition in loop well suited for videos and advertising.


Walking and Dancing

Inspiring piano score. Sounds elegant, cheerful and emotional.

Magical World Collection

Three magical, dreamy and uplifting compositions full of fantasy, elegance and emotion. Perfect accompaniment to breathtaking images, cinematic projects, television programming and Christmas.

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