Sustained sounds, relaxing background music and gentle tones exist in abundance in our collection of soundscapes and drones. This music style will help you to create an atmospheric background soundscape that will be suitable for everything from documentaries to new programs - much better than the sound of silence.
100% copyright free, no pros, no hidden fees. Use the audio clips unlimited times in unlimited projects.

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Celtic Land Collection

Three magical, inspiring and delicate scores with acoustic and traditional instruments full of emotion, beauty and fantasy. This collection is perfect for nature programming, cinematic videos and spots.

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Comedy Pack Collection

Three inspiring, funny, whimsical royalty free compositions with acoustic instruments full of joy, sarcasm and elegance. Good choice for comedy scenes, commercials, cinematic projects and advertising.

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Magical World Collection

Three magical, dreamy and uplifting compositions full of fantasy, elegance and emotion. Perfect accompaniment to breathtaking images, cinematic projects, television programming and Christmas.

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