Timelapse music helps to emphasise the visual appearance of these slowed down, revelatory visual moment. All visuals can be enhanced profoundly with the right music, and the same goes for timelapses, which need to be emotionally charged moments. This music can bring a sense of nostalgia, suspense or triumph and many other feelings.
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A Thousand Years

Minimalist score featuring dynamic strings and powerful brass.



Beautiful composition with acoustic piano solo. Great for landscapes.


Crossing the Universe

Contemporary piece with strings. Eminently suitable for timelapse videos.


Enjoying the Moment

Happy, optimistic new age tune that creates a highly positive mood.


The Quiet Morning

Relaxing, emotional score, ideal for timelapse videos and documentaries.



Positive chill out song with acoustic guitars, bells and soft percussion.



Relaxing folk track that conveys serenity, wellness and happiness.



Delicate piano score that creates an emotional mood perfect for landscapes.



Atmospheric composition with soft guitar, melodic oboe and percussion.


Sunrise, Sunset

Romantic piano piece. Good choice for timelapse videos and documentaries.


Golden Ratio

Atmospheric composition with synthesizers that creates a relaxing mood.


Blue Atmosphere

Minimalist soundscape with synths that creates a relaxing, emotional mood.

Romantic Scores Collection

Three elegant, confident, affectionate compositions full of emotion, beauty and romance. These beautiful scores are perfect for cinematic projects, wedding videos and documentaries.

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