Emotional voices, impressive mixed choirs and beautiful solos: discover our selection of vocal music.
From magical children's choirs to elegant female singers, get inspired by these sentimental, emotive tracks that will help you to reach your audience in exactly the way that you want to.

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Inspiring track with male voice, percussion and children's choir.



Beautiful composition featuring female voice, violin and percussion.



Epic score with male voice, orchestra, percussion and children's choir.


Russian Doll

Inspiring track with beautiful female voice, guitar and percussion.


You've Got a Way

Beautiful ethnic work with elegant female voice, flute and drums.


Unexpected Directions

Inspiring, sophisticated score with female voice, strings and orchestra.


Everyone has a Story

Romantic composition featuring acoustic piano and female voice.


The Room

Powerful, epic soundtrack with mixed choir, synths and orchestra.


Lunar Calendar

Emotional theme featuring epic drums, flutes and female voice.


Midnight Dance

Magical score perfect for Celtic videos and cinematic projects.


Prepared for All Things

Powerful score track with orchestra, soprano and children's choir.


The First Light

Magical soundtrack with dreamy bells, children's choir and smooth strings.


So Many Years

Beautiful, inspiring vocal score that creates a relaxing ambience.



Powerful hybrid composition with mixed choir, synths and orchestra.


Air Elements

Relaxed ambient chill track with synths, bells and children's vocal.



Sweet, magical work with ethereal children’s choir and smooth strings.


Blue Ocean

Relaxing ambient with a beautiful female voice, synths and pads.


A Wonderful Story

Dreamy, inspiring cinematic score that creates a magical mood.


Habanera, Carmen

Arrangement of the famous Habanera from the opera Carmen, by Bizet.


In Paradisum, Fauré

Beautiful arrangement from Requiem, written by Gabriel Fauré.


Ode to Joy

Arr. of the final movement from the 9th symphony, Beethoven.


Angels We Have Heard

Popular carol featuring emotional orchestra, soft bells and children's choir.


Silent Night

Beautiful arrangement with bells, children's choir and emotional orchestra.

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