Selection of professional world and ethnic music tracks with traditional and acoustic instruments. Incredible instrumentals from Celtic and Spanish to African and tribal percussion. Worldbeats perfect for documentaries, travel programming or cinematic videos.
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Cinematic ethnic music

19 Ways to Travel Around the World

Cinematic world track with shakuhachi and drums.

African track with traditional instruments

Red Salamander

Rhythmic song with traditional percussion. Great for documentaries.

Celtic music with ethnic instruments

Ancient Forest

Magical, inspiring Celtic work full of emotion, beauty and fantasy.



Beautiful composition featuring female voice, violin and percussion.

Spanish music, gypsy traditional track.

Luces Rojas

Spanish track. Gyspy, flamenco. Ideal for bar, lounge, and lifestyle.

Cinematic track inspired by Africa.

Dancing with the River

Cinematic world track with Shakuhachi, orchestra, choir and percussion.

Magical celtic song.

Far Land

Danceable Celtic song with a vibrant melody. Optimistic and upbeat.

African music. Rhythmic score.


Emotional score with mixed choir and strings. Ideal for documentaries.

You've Got a Way.

You've Got a Way

Beautiful ethnic work with elegant female voice, flute and drums.



Motivational piece that creates a happy and positive ambiance.

Lunar Calendar

Lunar Calendar

Emotional theme featuring epic drums, flutes and female voice.

Celtic music with ethnic instruments

Celtic Spirit

Inspiring, relaxing Celtic piece full of magic, beauty and fantasy.

Beautiful celtic music

Rosa Rosae

Dreamy, positive world track. Good choice for advertising and movies.

Happy music inspired by Africa.


Motivational score with xylophone, vibraphone, timpani and strings.

Midnight Dance

Midnight Dance

Magical score perfect for Celtic videos and cinematic projects.

African tune with traditional instruments

Wild Road

Funny tune perfect for video games, films and children's projects.

Ethnic underscore with pads and flute


Relaxing ambient score featuring ethnic flute, percussion and soft pads.



Motivational composition that creates a fresh and inspiring ambiance.

Upbeat, merry instrumental.


Upbeat instrumental, featuring a dynamic kora and traditional percussion.

African tune with traditional instruments.

Green Jungle

Funny tune perfect for video games, films and children's projects.

This music pack includes 12 emotional, inspiring and epic tracks: Hollywood scores, delicate pianos, rhythmic strings and imposing choirs.
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